Proficient Advisors LLC

373 W. Mallory Circle
Delray Beach, FL 33483
(407) 603-5135
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    What can we provide?

    1. Use of medical personnel to assist businesses in reopening in a safe and efficient manner.
    2. Ensure proper knowledge and use of PPE to decrease any chance of Covid-19 spread. We create different plans based on the type of business.
    3. Train employees on the importance of the PPE and Covid-19.
    4. Ensure that CDC guidelines are followed.
    5. Consistently obtain employee feedback to look at strengths and weaknesses.
    6. Create HR policies regarding the new guidelines.
    7. Enhance owner/management and employee relations so there is a team concept of helping and working together to set up open communication that ensures the safety and happiness of the employees.
    8. Any type of human resources benefits roll-out; handbooks, explanation of those policies and creation of a communication module to address employee needs.
    9. Minimize and/or eliminate the need for employees to seek third party or union representation.
    10. Increase employee morale with a variety of programs so the employees feel coming to work is something they enjoy and have a purpose, it’s not just a paycheck.

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